Virtual Cards

Fidelity Online Purchase Service (OPS)

Fidelity Online Purchase Service (OPS)- A virtual card Solution on the Fidelity Online Banking that allows you debit your Naira account and create/fund a Dollar Virtual Card at a daily rate that will be displayed. This service is available on both the web and app.

This Virtual card has all the usual payment card features – 16-digit card number(PAN), cardholder’s name, 3-digit Security Code/ CVV number, expiry date and Billing address.

Key Selling Points

  • OPS users can Transact at a cheaper rate.
  • OPS users do not need a physical card.
  • OPS users can use the cards on sites that do not allow transactions from Nigerian card issuers.
  • OPS users can enjoy larger transaction limits than the regular Dollar Cards.
  • OPS is Safe and secured.
  • The cost of OPS is cheaper than a physical cards.
  • OPS users can source fx funds directly from their NGN account

Accessing OPS

  • Sign-in to Online Banking (web/app)
  • Select the “Do More” or menu tab on the app
  • Click on “OPS”
  • You will be required to enter your token response
  • Then you can create a card (one time use or regular) and use the card details to make online purchases.

OPS Transaction Limits

  • OPS can be funded up to a daily limit of N3,700,000 or $10,000
  • Maximum funding frequency is 10 daily
  • Card transaction has no limit for now.
  • Minimum funding amount $10


for Regular OPS (Valid for 3years)
for Single-Use OPS (Valid for one transaction only)
for Unloading OPS

Things to Note

  • When you create an OPS, you are creating a virtual card with which you can shop and make payments online.
  • A billing address will be made available for all card purchases.
  • These cards can be used on those foreign sites that do not allow Nigerian cards.
  • This is not a physical card but rather a virtual card for online and mobile / telephone (MOTO) transactions (i.e. mobile app based transactions and the likes)
  • For security reasons, please do not write down your Virtual card number anywhere but rather copy it directly from your online Banking account and key it directly onto the site you want to transact on. 

For support, please contact