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Agriculture and Export

Our Agribusiness and Non-oil Exports banking business franchise is one of the strongest in the industry, with expansive deal footprints in the critical value chain segments of the sectors


Financing Agribusiness
For Growth

We have built strong partnerships across the broad spectrum of economic actors in the agribusiness space to drive our agribusiness financing interventions to micro and last mile levels. We have leveraged strategic partnerships with the CBN and Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) under various industry targeted intervention funding programmes to enhance access to credits to eligible players in the agribusiness and non-oil exports space.

Our activities have continued to be recognized by operators, funding partners and all other actors in the agribusiness space. At the Bankers’ Committee meeting of December 2019, we were awarded 2nd position in Sustainable Agriculture Transactions of the year.

Growing the Nigerian economy through strategic interventions

Some of our key interventions include expansion of capacities in strategic value-chain segments (rice, diary, poultry, oil palm, cocoa, etc.) that are key to narrowing food security gaps and enhancing foreign exchange earnings.

fidelity bank export management programme


In 2019 alone, we availed over N32.7 Billion in credits to businesses operating in strategic sectors including rice, diary, poultry, oil palm, cocoa, etc.

Our financing solutions facilitate the movement of these businesses up the production value-chain through the financing of forward integrated components to facilitate transitions from primary production to value added products, hence adding significant value to the GDP and associated incremental employment opportunities.

Export Offering
Agric Offering


Creating access to markets is an integral part of the interventions we provide to agribusinesses and exporters. We leverage our industry linkages develop strategic partnerships and engagements that exposes agribusinesses and exporters to markets for product off-take.

We also link our customers to Export Credit Agencies for offshore equipment financing opportunities.

We equally support in the design/modeling and implementation of effective and de-risked supply chain systems to ensure raw material supply chain integrity and reliability.

Ours is a comprehensive value chain approach that helps clients maximize value.

Export Offering
Agric Offering
fidelity bank export management programme
fidelity bank Agriculture and Export

Advisory Services & Business
Management Capacity
Development Programme

Beyond financing, we have leveraged our thought leadership position and strong advisory capacity in the agribusinesss and non-oil exports space to help businesses bridge capacity gaps and enhance the value of their business propositions.

Our Export Management Programme, a capacity development that we run in collaboration with Lagos Business School and Nigerian Export Promotion Council is in its 4th year and going on it’s 10th stream, and has graduated over 500 people who have transitioned from base level export experience to becoming established exporters.

We also provide tailored advisory services that helps clients optimize their business processes, financing & business structures, product development and marketing strategies.

Export Offering
Agric Offering

Design & Implementation
Of Effective And De-risked
Supply Chain Systems

We design, model and implement effective de-risked supply chain systems to ensure raw material supply chain integrity and reliability.

Export Offering
Agric Offering
fidelity bank export management programme
fidelity bank Agriculture and Export

Documentation &

Proper documentation is crucial in export trade transactions from both payment and regulatory compliance risk perspectives.

We leverage our strong trade experience to assist clients in the area of documentations and payment settlement to ensure risk-free processing of export transactions.

These include but are not limited to free review of contract documents, letter of credit documentations, transaction structure and dynamics, supply chain agreements, advisement, etc.

Export Offering
Agric Offering

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