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Our products and services are designed for your convenience, whilst providing you with great choice and flexibility.

Private Banking

Our products and services are thus designed for your convenience, whilst providing you with great choice and flexibility. Our services include:


Our deposit accounts are in all major currencies and provides you with all tailored services to meet your desired needs. 

& Mentorship

Whether you are seeking to structure your charitable activities or implement already set goals, our private bank is positioned to offer advice and work with you to meet your unique philanthropic goals.

Our services are available from your initial vision to implementation and management of your charitable trust and foundations.

Our overall wealth management strategy covers your plans, structures and ideals. We invite you to experience our professional approach to philanthropy.

Our mentorship program seeks to enlighten, inspire and empower the younger generation to ensure the right values are instilled in them at an early age. We want them to have a sense of responsibility whilst equipping them with requisite skills to occupy leadership positions.


We provide financial advisory services and active portfolio management (discretionary & non-discretionary) by analysing and defining your investment needs.

Identify early warning signals and assist with timely recommendations with credit analysis and risk ratings.

Your assets are managed and monitored under strict supervision.

How we build your investment portfolio

Digital Banking

Instant Banking

The most convenient way to access your funds from your mobile phone. It requires no data and works perfectly on all phones.

Online Banking

Gives you 24/7 access to your accounts from anywhere in the world.

  • Local currency transfers.
  • Foreign currency transfers from your domiciliary account to anywhere in the world.

Mobile Banking

Our online banking app makes you experience the ease of monitoring your portfolio from any mobile device.


Your investments needs are important to us thus our estate planning advisory services cover the entire process of managing and disposing your assets during your lifetime and beyond in line with your wish.


As a Private Banking Client you have access to an array of exclusive lifestyle solutions such as;

Fidelity Debit
And Credit Cards

Fidelity Visa Debit card gives you access to funds anytime and anywhere in the world. It provides convenience and flexibility of using your card to carry out most payment transactions with an additional security for online transaction that minimize fraud called Verified by Visa(VBV).

Deposit Keeping

You can safeguard items such as land documents, insurance policies, wills, jewelries, and other valuables using our personalized safe-keeping facilities.

You are guaranteed access to your set of keys during official work hours.