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Getting Started?

For individuals self-enrolment simply download the Fidleity Online App or visit https://online.fidelitybank.ng;
For Corporates, download the request form from https://online.fidelitybank.ng
Complete the form and submit at the nearest Fidelity Bank branch for rapid processing.


Please request the service via our Contact Centre, Fidelity TrueServe:
Email: true.serve@fidelitybank.ng
Telephone: General enquiries 0700 3433 5489; from abroad, call 0908 798 9069; WhatsApp: +234 903 000 5252

OR, You can visit the nearest Fidelity Bank branch to apply.

Other Benefits of Fidelity Online Banking:

  • Self-Transfer Without Token Response

  • Funds Transfer to Fidelity, and other Bank Accounts

  • Foreign Currency Funds Transfer

  • Robust Bills Payment (e.g. DSTV, PHCN, Airpeace, Quickteller Merchants, Remita Billers, e.t.c.)

  • Bulk Payments to Up to 1000 Beneficiaries at A Go! Ideal for Salary and Vendor payments

  • Upload Your Very Own Profile Display Picture, and so much more!

  • Airtime Purchase

  • Save Beneficiaries

  • Manage Transaction Limits

  • View Accounts Summary

  • Accounts Management saving both time and energy

  • Accounts Statement Download in a Variety of Formats

  • Set Up Multiple Authorization Levels (Workflow) on Fidelity Corporate Online Banking

Frequently Asked Questions

A token is a ‘secured’ high level authentication used to validate a user for transactions on Fidelity Online Banking. There are two types, Fidelity token app (download from store) and a hard token (physical device).

To self-enroll, click on “Online Banking Login” tab – “Register Here”. Or Download the app here Or Visit the nearest Branch for Sign Up

For Fidelity token app: Download “Fidelity Token” from your mobile stores and activate using your Online Banking credentials (Available in Android and iPhones).

For Hard token: Kindly visit a Fidelity bank branch in your location or send an e-mail to true.serve@fidelitybank.ng to make a request.

This is required to make transactions (Intra or Interbank transfers, bill payments, airtime recharges etc.). You will be required to input a Transaction PIN/Token response before completing transactions.

Transaction PIN allows authentication of N200,000/day:

– Log into Online Banking app
– Go to “settings” – “Create PIN”
– Follow the prompt displayed and provide correct answers where necessary.

An OTP is a secured passcode used only once under a very short time window for Fidelity Online Banking authentication for some select services e.g. New user setup, Password change etc.

If you forget your login details, you should contact us via: Ivy (Facebook chatbot), by sending us an e-mail or by telephone by walking into any of our branches, and we will send them to you.

However, if you forgot only your login passwords, you can use the ‘Forgot your password’ link on the mobile app OR on the online banking home page https://online.fidelitybank.ng

Yes, you can use the NAPS Bulk Transfer menu via the app to transfer to multiple beneficiaries.

All Online Banking customers can make use of the bulk transfer service.

If you forget your login details, you should contact us by walking into any of our branches, by sending us an e-mail or by telephone and we will send them to you.
However, if you forgot only your login passwords, you can use the ‘Forgot your password’ link on the online banking home page https://online.fidelitybank.ng OR on the mobile app. Clicking on this link will have your password sent to your registered Phone number/e-mail address.

A wrong token response/ Login password has been used. Get in touch with the bank: Ivy (Facebook chatbot), Contact Centre (True.serve@fidelitybank.ng), Branch to unlock your profile.

Please ensure you are launching the correct from the Bank’s website using a fast and reliable internet connection

  • Invalid user ID or Password – Click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link on Mobile/web, follow the prompt to reset your password.
  • Password authentication failed –Be sure of the password and user ID. If in doubt of Password, reset the password
  • Insufficient funds – Please check the account you are transferring from and ensure it is sufficiently funded for the transaction
  • Limit exceeded – kindly contact Trueserve or Modify your transaction limit yourself
  • Transaction not allowed – kindly send an e-mail to True.serve@fidelitybank.ng OR contact your account officer
  • Issuer or switch inoperative – Please check your account, if debited, wait a few minutes for the transaction to be reversed

You can do a lot: Transfer Foreign Currency to accounts abroad, Pay Bills, Buy Airtime, Recall erroneous transfers to other banks etc.

Your debit card details will be needed. If you don’t have one, visit the nearest branch to have this option exempted.

Contact our Trueserve on 01-448-5252 or Whatsapp: +234 903 000 5252. You may also send us e-mail at true.serve@fidelitybank.ng
  • Customers must have a token linked to their profile to complete NAPS bulk transfer
  • To use the NAPS bulk service, customers have to send to a minimum of 2 beneficiaries