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Verve Debit Card

Fidelity Verve Debit Card

The Fidelity Verve Debit Card is your ideal companion for payments of goods and services across all electronic channels
in Nigeria.

As a cardholder, you enjoy unlimited access to your funds when withdrawing via the ATM or making payments for goods and services at local merchant locations either by POS or Web across Nigeria.

With your Verve card, you have access to Quickteller Value Added Services, which include bill payment, instant interbank transfers, and a lot more via ATMs, POS, and Web.
Fidelity bank cards Verve Debit Card


EMV certified Chip and PIN

3 year validity

Available on any Fidelity Naira savings and current account

Can be used in select African countries

One-Time-Password (OTP) security for online transactions

Enjoy periodic discounts at various merchant locations 

Using your Card abroad?

If you plan to use any of your Fidelity cards abroad, let us know 24hrs in advance.
contact us: [email protected]

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Lost / Stolen

If your Debit/Credit Card is lost or stolen, please contact us immediately via Fidelity Trueserve on: 0700 343 35489, WhatsApp: 0903 000 5252, email us: [email protected] or go to the nearest Fidelity Bank branch.